10 examples of online work, that is how to multiply money while lying in bed

Working online is a very inconsistent term. On the one hand, it concerns graphics, programming or social media, and on the other, investing via the Internet. The Internet gives a lot of opportunities to make investments online. Below we present ways of multiplying money through the Internet: 

  1. Stock exchange – Anyone who opens an investment account through a bank or other intermediary can access the stock exchange. It offers a variety of financial instruments for increasing capital and relatively risk-friendly investment for beginners.
  2. Forex, the biggest foreign exchange market is a game for skilled players, but this does not change the fact that you can earn money on Forex, provided you have the right knowledge and skills.
  3. Cryptocurrency – Although they are slowly disappearing, mining and trading cryptocurrency is a very popular method of investment. However, very large commissions for intermediaries and the uncertainty of profit, not to mention the huge amount of cryptocurrency in which one can invest, are a deterrent.
  4. Binary options, a relatively new treat for investors, binary options combine investment in currency pairs and raw materials, but are not as difficult and risky as playing on Forex. Binary options, especially ladder ones, can provide a very quick profit for those who are acquainted with Forex.
  5. Raw materials and commodities market – You do not need to buy raw materials to earn money on them. Under CFC contracts, an investor can carry out operations on expensive raw materials and commodities without putting physical capital into them.
  6. Stocks, i.e. securities offered on the stock exchange, Polish or foreign. Stocks give not only profit, but also the possibility to interfere in the management of the company through meetings of stockholders, so it is a solution for people with large capital and entrepreneurial instinct.
  7. Bonds – Here, similar rules apply as in the case of stocks, but for some reason, bonds are not so popular. Perhaps Poles consider stocks to be a better object of investment, but you should not completely disregard investing in bonds, as you can also make money on them.
  8. Startups. New businesses need investors, so you often have the chance to get a large share in a start-up company, which will later rapidly gain in value.
  9. Blog – This is a modern and unique way to multiply capital. You can make a lot of money on blogs and channels on Youtube, streams etc. It requires a lot of time, work, commitment and capital, but it is profitable if you achieve sufficient success.

These are only some examples of making money through the Internet. They do not include earning money by clicking on advertisements or acting as an intermediary in the sale of cosmetics from well-known ‘catalogue’ companies, as this is usually the way to get a few hundred zlotys at most. There are also no ideal ways to make profit without own contribution.